Empowering Communities for Social Justice

Catalyzing Grassroots Movements and Driving Equitable Change

Empowering Communities for Social Justice

Catalyzing Grassroots Movements and Driving Equitable Change


The Dolores Huerta Foundation passionately advocates for social justice, focusing on empowering marginalized communities through grassroots organizing, civic engagement, and education initiatives. By championing the rights of underrepresented populations, we strive to create a more equitable and inclusive society for all.


The Dolores Huerta Foundation is dedicated to Get Out the Vote initiatives, actively engaging and empowering underrepresented and underresourced communities to exercise their democratic rights through voting. Through education and outreach, we work tirelessly to ensure every voice is heard, amplifying the political influence of historically marginalized people. Get engaged and involved!

Who We Are

Building Communities for Social Justice and Equity

We are a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to inspiring and organizing communities to pursue social justice. Through our grassroots organizing work focused on Civic Engagement, Education Equity, Health and Safety, and LGBTQIA+ Equity, we empower individuals to implement community-driven solutions for a more equitable society.

Dolores Huerta


Dolores Huerta, a labor leader and civil rights activist, co-founded the United Farm Workers union alongside Cesar Chavez, shaping the course of labor history in the United States. A tireless advocate for farmworkers’ rights, she was pivotal in securing improved working conditions and fair wages for agricultural laborers. Dolores Huerta’s enduring legacy extends beyond labor activism, encompassing her commitment to social justice, feminism, and grassroots organizing through the work of the Dolores Huerta Foundation.

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Our movement-building addresses the harmful and discriminatory practices and abuses faced by marginalized individuals and families. Through a multi-pronged approach, we’ve been instrumental in grassroots organizing for local and state legislation.


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Celebrando Dolores SAC

Celebrando a Dolores en Sacramento – April 24

2024.04.17 Dolores Huerta Fundraiser 1 (3)

Dolores Huerta’s Birthday Actum L.A. – April 17

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Education Equity Blog

Students Speak at KHSD Meeting in Support of Non-Binary Teacher Who is Receiving Hate

Students speak at KHSD meeting in support of non-binary teacher who is receiving hate
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