Dolores Huerta Day Curriculum

With the passage of California Assembly Bill AB2644, a team of educators came together to highlight the work and legacy of Dolores Huerta and pay honor to her rallying cry “Si Se Puede”. The Dolores Huerta Foundation Curriculum Committee then composed lesson plans, with the hope of inspiring youth and learners, to fight for social justice. Through these lessons, young minds will learn about the rich history of struggle in the central valley and the state of California to become empowered to better their communities.

“I want students to get a sense of their own empowerment and the things that they can do to make the world a better place. I’m hoping that Dolores Huerta Day will be focused on civic engagement.”

-Dolores Huerta

Lesson Plans

Kindergarten – First Lesson Plans

First Grade Lessons Plans

Second Grade Second Plans

Third Grade Lesson Plans

Fourth Grade Lesson Plans

Fifth – Sixth Grade Lesson Plans

Seventh – Eight Grade Lesson Plans


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