The Dolores Huerta Peace and Justice Cultural Center Capital Campaign

The Dolores Huerta Peace and Justice Cultural Center Capital Campaign

In 2019, the Dolores Huerta Foundation (DHF) launched a mission to establish the Dolores Huerta Peace and Justice Cultural Center within her lifetime. After initially securing $15 million from the California legislature, we recently obtained an additional $7 million due to rising costs, positioning us to break ground in 2024.

The multi-use campus in Downtown Bakersfield will not only serve as DHF’s headquarters but also revitalize the community, drawing tourists and supporting local businesses. The Peace and Justice Cultural Center will encompass a credit union, a multicultural community space, and an organizing institute, enabling DHF to train activists from across the nation in grassroots community organizing.

Our vision becomes a reality with the continued support of friends like you. With your donation, we can make this dream a reality today!

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A Youth center

for empowerment and leadership development programs.

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Organizing Academy

to train and develop organizers & organizations throughout the country. 

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A Lasting Legacy

the center continues the rich history, spirit, and legacy of Dolores Huerta’s work in the Central Valley.

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An Auditorium and outdoor event center

for cultural & community events as well as meeting spaces for local organizations.

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