Axioms for Organizers by Fred Ross Sr., Trailblazer for Social  Justice

Axioms for Organizers by Fred Ross Sr., Trailblazer for Social Justice

ROSS_SPLASH_0903_3-AvailableNowThe induction of Fred Ross Sr. into the California Hall of Fame coincides with the publication of an E-Book, Axioms for Organizers by Fred Ross Sr., Trailblazer for Social  Justice.  The bilingual E-book (English & Spanish) is a treasure trove of  axioms culled from five decades of organizing for racial and economic justice throughout the United States. It will be used as part of ongoing training of the next generation of community and labor organizers.  It will be available for to download across all electronic book mediums.

Click here to learn more about Axioms for Organizers by Fred Ross Sr., Trailblazer for Social  Justice.

Read more about the induction of Fred Ross Sr. into the California Hall of Fame by clicking here.

Paul Schrade – Executive Board Member


Paul Schrade

Paul Schrade is a former director of the United Auto Workers in California. His involvement with the union dates back to the time of founder Walter Reuther. Schrade was also a close associate of Sen. Robert Kennedy and an aide in Kennedy’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination in ’68. He was one of the five people wounded on the night RFK was assassinated at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles on April 5, 1968.

Since that historic day, Paul’s mission has been to carry on Kennedy’s work. Understanding Kennedy’s passion about education, he proposed that a school be built at the site of the former Ambassador Hotel. The school would serve to relieve overcrowding and eliminate forced bussing and offer students of the historically underserved communities of Los Angeles’ Pico-Union and Koreatown a state-of-the-art educational facility.

Paul Schrade was Coordinator of the RFK-12 Community Task Force. The task force was successful in getting a 4000 seat, Kinder through 12th grade school to open in the same location where 43 years ago he lost his good friend and his life would be changed forever. He continues to be an activist for auto worker and social justice issues.

Martin Sheen – Executive Board Member


Martin Sheen is one of the busiest, most conscientious actors in Hollywood, putting together a Herculean body of work. He became established playing youths run amok, and though the resume boasts its share of villains, he has grown over the years into a patriarchal figure, whose rectitude and social responsibility is in keeping with his very liberal Catholic activism.

Born Ramon Estevez to immigrant parents, Sheen left his Dayton, Ohio home for the bright lights of NYC, apprenticing at Judith Malina and Julian Beck’s Living Theatre. He grabbed attention (1964) in Frank Gilroy’s “The Subject Was Roses” with a Tony-nominated turn as a returning war veteran opposite Jack Albertson, later reprising his roll in the 1968 film version. Sheen’s feature debut came as a delinquent terrorizing the occupants of a subway car in “The Incident” (1967), but his real breakthrough came as the alienated, amoral yet charismatic killer on the run with Sissy Spacek in Terrence Malick’s “Badlands” (1973).

In the 70’s Sheen embarked on a series of critically acclaimed projects for the small screen, earning an Emmy nomination for his sensitive portrayal of the deserter in “The Execution of Private Slovik”. Also, that same year was the powerful “The Missiles of October” which saw him slip into the skin of Attorney General Robert Kennedy, his first of many fictional forays into political life. Sheen’s turn as the military assassin sent to terminate the command of crazed Marlon Brando in Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now” remains one of his signature roles.

Despite the time devoted to social justice, his amazing output of film and TV roles has never slowed. He donated his salary for his work on “Ghandi” (1982) to various charities and he portrayed a union official father at odds with the insider-trading world of his financier son (Charlie) in Oliver Stone’s absorbing “Wall Street” (1987). He executive produced and starred in two features, playing Bernard Hughes’ son in “DA” and a trial judge in Leo Penn’s “Judgment in Berlin”, and he also executive produced and starred in the TNT movie “Nightbreaker” (1989), in which son Emilio essayed his character at an earlier stage.

One of the nost prominent feature roles of the 90’s came as an advisor of “The American President” (1995), which introduced him to screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. So it perhaps came as no surprise when he surfaced as US President Josiah Bartlet on the critically acclaimed “The West Wing”. Finishing up seven years on “The West Wing”, Sheen released three new movies in 2006 including Martin Scorsese’s “the Departed”, Gregory Nava’s “Bordertown”, and “Bobby” which was written and directed by Martin’s son Emilio.

Martin has been married to his wife Janet for over forty years and their four children, Emilio, Renee, and Ramon Esteve and Charlie Sheen, are all involved in the entertainment business.

Martin Sheen actively promotes the principles of Catholic social thought in word and in action. His passion for activism and its necessary place in today’s political, humanitarian, and social arenas has inspired generations. For over four decades, he has been an ardent supporter of causes that advocate peace and encourage justice throughout the world.

Cruz Phillips – Executive Board Member



Cruz Phillips spent 15 years as a community organizer in the farm worker movement.  She was the National Director of the successful Campbell Soup Boycott for the Farm Labor Organizing Committee, Development Director for the National Farm Worker Ministry, and Community Organizing Director for the United Farm Workers of America.

Cruz has been a field coordinator for several political campaigns including Hilda Solis for Congress and Alan Cranston for Senate.  She has been an organizer trainer for both unions and community organizations including the United Domestic Workers, SEIU, Neighbor to Neighbor, and PUEBLO of Santa Barbara.  She has worked with Dolores since the formation of the Dolores Huerta Foundation.  Cruz currently is working as a horse trainer and an organizing consultant for community organizations and campaigns.  She is on the boards of four non-profits, PUEBLO in Santa Barbara, the Dolores Huerta Foundation and two riding organizations.

Dr. Fidel Huerta – Executive Board Member


Dr. Huerta received his Medical Doctorate Degree from University of California, Los Angeles. He went on to complete his Internship and Residency Program in Family Practice at Kern Medical Center.  Dr. Huerta joined the Kern Medical Center faculty as a Staff Physician at Kern Medical Center in 1998 as an Associate in the Department of Family Practice.

Dr. Huerta completed a Fellowship in Family Practice at Kern Medical Center in 1990 where he went on to work as a staff physician at Sequoia Community Health Center before working in private practice.

Dr. Huerta is the Medical Director at Kern Regional Center where he serves citizens with developmental disabilities and their families in Bakersfield, California.  Dr. Huerta is a member of the faculty of the Kern Medical Center Family Practice Residency Program. He is a member of the American Academy of Family Practice and the Los Angeles Shrine.  Dr. Huerta sits on the boards of Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (CHADD) and Valley Achievement Center.

Certificates and Affiliations: California Rural Health Federation, American Academy of Family Practice, United Farm Workers of America, California Latino Medical

Jamila Guerrero-Cantor, EdD, NCC – Executive Board Member

Jamila Guerrero-Cantor, EdD, NCC was raised in Los Angeles, CA where she has worked as a School Counselor for diverse Deaf students and other students in K-12, community college, and university settings. She became a young activist at Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden’s political/performing arts camp Laurel Springs in Santa Barbara, CA.

Through her high school years she learned about organizing with the Los Angeles Student Coalition – protesting apartheid on the steps of the South African Consulate in Beverly Hills. Later, her passion for music and social justice merged together to form a band, “Wozani” (a call for the people to come in Zulu), that toured throughout the U.S. She has with a B.A. in Community Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she did her fieldwork within the organizing efforts of the United Farm Workers – and then joined on as an Organizer and National Coordinator.

She is a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and graduated with a M.A. in School Counseling and Guidance from Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. -the first and only university for the Deaf in the world. She holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership for Social Justice from California State University East Bay where she researched intersectional oppressions experienced by Latinx Deaf students who are living as undocumented in California.

She has done counseling work with Deaf youth in the coastal region of Oaxaca, Mexico enabling her to learn about the complexities of their realities as well as Mexican Sign Language. She has served on projects as a member of the California Mental Health Services Act Multi-Cultural Coalition and the National Counselors for the Deaf Association. As a Board Member for the Dolores Huerta Foundation she is committed to supporting the work of social justice – the legacy of Dolores Huerta.

John X. Fernandez, Jr. – Executive Board Member

John x fernandez

Prior to establishing Hawley Morton Productions, Inc. in 1995 John X. Fernandez, Jr. provided more than ten years of technical and management expertise to The Metropolitan Opera and Carnegie Hall.

John Fernandez has had the privilege of working with several of America’s leading arts institutions including five years at The Metropolitan Opera as the Assistant Technical Director and seven years at Carnegie Hall as Director of Operations. In this position he oversaw license agreements, rental fees, capital needs, collective bargaining, box office services, food and beverage, stage labor, ushers house managers and other staff. He implemented services to facilitate the successful presentations of all front-of-house staff, ensuring a well produced event. Additionally, he was co-producer for the Carnegie Hall Centennial, producing a variety of television programs and over 100 live performances.

During his tenure at the Metropolitan Opera, John Fernandez assisted in the management of twenty-one different Unions, while managing the success of twenty-five operas in repertory for a thirty-five week season. He worked in managing all areas of opera production including design of scenery, props, costumes, lighting, wigs and make-up. He managed the stage crew and over two hundred employees involved in the successful mounting of an opera production.

Barbara Carrasco – Executive Board Member

barbara carrasco photo

Barbara Carrasco is an artist and muralist.  Her works have been exhibited throughout the U.S., Europe, and Latin America and her work has been featured in numerous publications: Ms. Magazine (2008), Los Angeles Times, New York Times; USA Today; Artforum; Boston Globe; new England Journal; High performance, and Flash Art.

She received her M.F.A. in art from California Institute of the Arts (1991) and her B.F.A. in Art from UCLA (1978).  Carrasco created numerous mural banners for the United Farm Workers Union (1976-1991).  She was invited to the former USSR to paint murals in Leningrad and Armenia (1985 and 1987).  Carrasco created computer animation PESTICIDES! That was presented on the Spectacolor Light-board at Times Square in New York (1989).

Her original mural sketches and drawings are included in the Permanent Collection of Works on paper at the Library of Congress, Washington D.C. (1989).  Documentation of her mural work is archived in the California Murals Collection at the Smithsonian Institution (1983).  A permanent collection of her papers has been established and archived at Stanford University Special Collections Mexican American Manuscript Collections (1996).  Her oral history is archived at the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution (1999)

Carrasco had her Mid Career Survey Exhibition, A Brush With Life, in 2008 at the Vincent Price Gallery at East Los Angeles College.  Carrasco was appointed the 2002-2003 UC Regents professor for the Spring Quarter at UC Riverside.  She has also taught at UC Santa Barbara and Loyola Marymount University.  In 2008, The Girl Scouts of America created a merit patch based on Carrasco’s image of Dolores Huerta.

Angela Cabrera, R.N. – Executive Board Member

angela and mom

Angela began her nursing career in 1995 at Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield, California. The experience she gained at this county facility was both exciting and troubling. Recognizing a lack of bilingual nurses, Angela saw more clearly than ever the need for the work and education of the Dolores Huerta Foundation.

Her interest in cardiac care led her to the Bakersfield Heart Hospital where she spent ten years working in their ER and cardiac catherization lab.

Her nursing career has led her to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation where nursing care and reform are needed more than ever. The disproportionate amount of young men of color in the prison system demands adequate care.

Angela has two wonderful daughters, Karena and Christina, both of whom are socially conscious and kind. Her husband of twenty-five years, David, has also taken justice, professionalism and kindness to his long career with the California Highway Patrol. Together, Angela’s family will continue the legacy her mother started.

Alicia A. Arong – Executive Board Treasurer


Alicia was born and raised in Stockton, California. She attended local schools and was involved in the arts and culture of her community at an early age. Ms. Arong continues to be involved at many levels in local and state activities.

Ms. Arong is a retired executive with Macy’s West. Ms Arong was extremely involved in the creation and programs of the Community Service Organization Stockton Chapter and the United Farm Workers Support Committee. She has been involved with the Mexican Heritage Center, Inc. at its inception in 1997. She served on the Citizen’s Advisory Committee of the Northern California Women’s Correctional Facility until its closure in 2002.  She is Past President of the San Joaquin County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce sits on the Boards of KVIE Public Television, Stockton Arts Commission, San Joaquin County American Heart Association and Treasurer elect of the Dolores Huerta Foundation.

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