Valeria Rodriguez


Valeria is an Education Organizer for the Dolores Huerta Foundation in the areas of Tulare and Fresno County. Valeria Organizes and engages communities to advocate for the change they want to see in schools.

The past 12 years for Valeria have provided her with various experiences from education to the non-profit sector. Her experiences have given her the knowledge and skills to be productive and successful in her position. She has been involved in the non-profit sector through other employment and through volunteering. Working in the education system for over five years before joining the Dolores Huerta Foundation allowed her to understand the issues, find different ways to approach them, and support our communities to make those changes.

Valeria has received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and a Minor in Mexican American Studies from San Jose State University, and in May of 2024, she will be receiving her Master of Arts in Anthropology with an option in Sociocultural and an emphasis in Migrant Education from Cal State, Los Angeles. She is based in Lindsay, California.

valeria rodriguez
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