Inishia White


Inishia serves as the Community Organizer for California City for The Dolores Huerta Foundation. She has worked in the non-profit sector since 2017 and was elected in Los Angeles County for four years. She started volunteering with SEIU 2015 in 2017 in Los Angeles and fell in love with the positive changes she made in the lives of Long Term Care Workers (LTCW), successfully raising the pay for workers in California and Long Term Care Workers. Additionally, they helped LTCW get healthcare benefits and provided diverse, ethical, and transparent working environments to 21st Century workers. Leading with vision, understanding, clarity, and agility, and thriving in an ever-changing world. Through work with the community, they began to build partnerships by embracing innovation and education. SEIU Local 2015 and LTCW have achieved quality jobs that deliver livable wages, retirement security, and respect by using their collective power. Before working with SEIU Local 2015, she was a Behavioral Therapist in the non-profit sector working with Autistic children, teaching behavioral approaches that focused on changing behaviors by understanding what happens before and after the behavior. She loved making a difference in the lives of people in her community. She believes that the practical embodiment of performing duties of love for one’s neighbor and generous actions to aid people is what makes the world go around.

D O N A T E ♡