Nicole Verdugo Arredondo


Nicole Verdugo serves as the Health Program Coordinator for Tulare County. With a passion for community well-being, Nicole plays a crucial role in addressing and fulfilling the healthcare needs of diverse communities. Her work spans a wide spectrum, including facilitating vaccine distribution, organizing food bank initiatives, and ensuring access to crucial healthcare resources. She actively engages with local residents, understanding their specific needs and collaborating with stakeholders to implement effective health solutions. Her dedication to bridging gaps in healthcare services has positively impacted the lives of those she serves.

As an advocate for accessible healthcare, Nicole strives to create a seamless connection between communities and vital health resources. She believes in the power of community engagement to promote overall well-being and works tirelessly to make healthcare services more accessible to everyone. Nicole values collaborative efforts and works closely with local organizations, healthcare providers, and community leaders to foster a holistic approach to health. By building strong partnerships, she aims to create sustainable health programs that address both immediate needs and long-term community well-being. She stands as a beacon of positive change, making significant strides in improving the health and quality of life for the residents of Tulare County. Nicole currently resides in Lindsay, California.

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