Janeth Nava


Janeth holds the role of Health Coordinator at the Dolores Huerta Foundation, where she excels in overseeing teams and orchestrating campaigns with a keen focus on seamless operations. Her responsibilities encompass meticulous scheduling and organization to guarantee the success of various initiatives. Notably, she takes the lead in driving canvassing campaigns, with a special emphasis on COVID-19 initiatives, where she ensures that events are tailored to meet the community’s specific needs. Janeth’s commitment to effective coordination and community engagement is pivotal in the foundation’s impactful work.

Janeth has a rich community engagement background, having previously worked with the United Domestic Workers. In this role, she profoundly impacted workforce dynamics by actively organizing and advocating for the rights of others. Janeth’s dedication to fostering positive change in the community and her advocacy efforts highlight her commitment to creating a meaningful impact on the lives of those she serves.

Janeth pursued her education at Bakersfield College, specializing in Human Resources, laying the foundation for her professional journey. Currently based in Bakersfield, California, she has seamlessly woven her passion for community service into her life. Janeth discovered her fervor for volunteering and community involvement at a young age, showcasing a deep-rooted commitment to helping others. Her academic background and hands-on experience reflect a holistic approach to positively impacting the community she calls home.

janeth nava
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