Gabriela Fernandez Montalva

Resources Center Director

Gabriela, now the Resource Center Director at the Dolores Huerta Foundation, embodies over six years of steadfast dedication as a staff member. Her journey began 18 years ago as an impassioned volunteer during middle school, later progressing into a role as a canvasser, where she witnessed the profound impact of direct voter engagement. Her pivotal role in establishing our youth department, securing crucial funding, and orchestrating impactful campaigns, notably the ‘No Guns on Campus’ initiative, which amassed over 3,000 signatures, spurred action from the school board.

Navigating through various roles such as team lead and Youth Program Manager, Gabriela’s allegiance to our mission remained unyielding, fostering a program that grew to encompass over 200 youths. Embracing the opportunity to spearhead the Resource Center, her dedication to addressing the urgent needs of youth and their families drove her decision.

Gabriela’s ongoing dedication centers on establishing Resource Centers across Kern, Fresno, Antelope Valley, California City, and Tulare. Her unwavering commitment and visionary approach play a pivotal role in crafting impactful, community-tailored resource centers.

gabriela fernandez
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