Eliana Honeycutt

Civic Engagement Coordinator

Eliana has 17 years of expertise in electoral, union, issue-based campaign management, and strategic policy and political analyses. Eliana has served decision-makers in the City Council, State Assembly, U.S. Congress, Senate, and presidential candidates in 2012, Barack Obama’s & 2016 Bernie Sanders’ presidential runs. 

Eliana specializes in advocacy, grassroots organizing, communications, and coalition building; she is an effective advocate and leader and is passionate about equitable social, racial, economic, and environmental justice policies. Eliana has been with DHF for six years and as the Civic Engagement Coordinator at the Dolores Huerta Foundation, she leads DHF’s equitable legislation and policy advocacy. Proficient in legislative advocacy, civic education, and campaign management, she’s successfully managed multiple field offices, trained organizers, and represented organizations & campaigns in media. She helped pass over 100 pieces of legislation in 4 years.

Most recently, she created DHF’s Redistricting People Powered Maps in Action StoryMap, which was presented at the 2023 ESRI User Conference, highlighting the most comprehensive community-driven redistricting campaign ever seen in California’s Central Valley.

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