Cecilia Delgado

Community Organizer

Cecilia Delgado is proud a Community Organizer for Lamont and Arvin chapters and work with a majority of people who are Spanish-speaking fieldworkers. Her greatest passion in life is helping others in need. As a member of the Bakersfield chapter of Vecinos Unidos, Cecilia advocated for the summer school program at BCSD because her children attended every year and she believes that every day counts when it comes to giving students a quality education. She has also advocated for safety improvements for her neighborhood like adding stop signs, cleaning vacant lots, and collecting signatures to request speed bumps. As a trusted community member, people reach out to her for guidance if they’re unsure about something or if they have questions.

Cecilia is originally from Colima, Mexico. She came to California when she was 6 years old. She is the oldest of 4, grew up in East Los Angeles, moved to Bakersfield in 2006 and has lived here since. Cecilia brings over 20 years of experience working with Housing Authority in housing development, low income public housing, section 8, and special programs housing the homeless. She has always been a curious person which makes her a great problem solver. She believes that people are comfortable with the status quo because they don’t know how to ask for change. If she sees something wrong, she’s definitely going to speak up and empower others to advocate for themselves.

When she’s not working, she has volunteered her time helping at schools, homeless shelters, and community clean-ups. In her free time, she likes to relax and rest away from technology and her home. She enjoys photography, mostly taking photos of her children. She has visited several states in Mexico and plans to continue her travels and learn more about her culture. She’s married and has a daughter and son and encourages them to pursue their education and dreams.

D O N A T E ♡