Andrea Montero


Andrea serves as the Youth Peer Lead for South Kern County at the Dolores Huerta Foundation and is dedicated to providing a safe and empowering space for local youth. With a focus on inspiring and encouraging young voices, Andrea actively engages youth in attending school board meetings, visiting schools, and advocating for vital resources and tools to ensure an inclusive and equitable school environment. She is committed to fostering youth civic engagement and plays a pivotal role in developing youth-led campaigns.

Having been with the Dolores Huerta Foundation for over three years, Andrea brings valuable experience as a former canvasser, participating in phone banking and engaging in voter outreach efforts. Andrea’s passion for community involvement and advocacy stems from her roots in Bakersfield, where she was born and raised. Holding an Associate’s degree in Psychology from Bakersfield College, Andrea will pursue a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology at California State University, Bakersfield.

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