Amaranta Campos Terrazas


As Speaker’s Bureau Coordinator, Amaranta is responsible for coordinating engagements for the President and other members of the Speakers Bureau. She is responsible for public appearances and maximizing fundraising opportunities for the DHF.

At a young age, she got involved with the DHF and participated in several projects with the DHF Vecinos Unidos. She helped with the campaign to pass Measure C. This enabled the school district to build a gymnasium and add fencing around the schools in Weedpatch, California. She helped pass Measure L, in Arvin, which provided the city with funds for safety and recreation such as: paving of streets, street lights, and park improvements. Amaranta’s most impactful experience was her first time going door-to-door working on Measure C in Lamont and Measure L in Arvin. Measure C enabled the Vineland School District to build a gymnasium and add fencing around the schools in Weedpatch, California. Measure L provided the city with funds for improving safety and recreation such as paving of streets, adding street lights, and improving parks. Seeing the change she was able to make in her community at a young age empowered her to continue working for social justice.

In 2012, she began working with the DHF as a canvasser on statewide campaigns. She worked to pass Proposition 30, which temporarily raised certain tax rates to provide additional financial support for public schools, and informed community members about new healthcare coverage options under Obamacare. Amaranta has also previously worked as an after-school tutor for Above and Beyond Learning working with K-8 students from low-income families to improve their reading, writing, and math skills. She is now on the staff of the Dolores Huerta Foundation and hopes to continue to improve the community for generations to come.

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