Alicia Huerta

Office Manager

Alicia serves as the Facilities Manager at the Dolores Huerta Foundation (DHF), embodying her personal motto, “Every person has the power to make positive change and a difference.” In her role, Alicia plays a crucial part in Administration Operations and often serves as a travel companion to the President. Her proud accomplishments at DHF include contributing to the growth of Vecino Community Groups and DHF’s support for passed legislation such as AB 392/SB 230, known as the “Diminish Police Force” Stephon Clarke’s Bill, and AB 1783 for Farmworker Housing.

Before joining DHF, Alicia co-founded the organization and brought a wealth of experience in Health Plan Administration, Online Retail Management, and Office Administration. Beyond her professional endeavors, Alicia is a dedicated community advocate and lifelong volunteer, engaging with organizations such as CASA (Advocate for foster youth), the Women’s Movement, Homeless-Burrito Project, VITA (Free Tax Service), and various unions, community gardens, and youth organizations. Her commitment to positive change is a driving force in her multifaceted contributions to the community.

D O N A T E ♡