from Wikipedia:

“Dolores” is a 2017 American documentary directed by Peter Bratt, on the life of Chicana activist Dolores Huerta. It was produced by Brian Benson for PBS, with Benjamin Bratt and Alpita Patel serving as Consulting Producers and Carlos Santana as Executive Producer.

Dolores centers on Dolores Huerta’s committed work to organize California farmworkers to form the UFW, in alliance with the Chicano Movement, the Civil Rights MovementGay liberation and US-based LGBTQ social movements, and the late 20th century Women’s rightsmovement. Including recent and historical interviews with Huerta and her family members, the documentary includes historic film footage from the farmworker strikes and marches in Delano, California and New York City, the activism of the Delano grape strike that spread throughout the country, Sen. Robert Kennedy‘s meetings with the organizers during his Presidential campaign, as well as interviews with UFW co-founder Cesar Chavez, theatre artist Luis ValdezAngela DavisGloria SteinemHillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.

The film has received the following awards:

  • Audience Award: Best Documentary Feature at the SF Film Festival
  • Golden Space Needle Award: Best Documentary Feature at the Seattle International Film Festival
  • Audience Award: Best Documentary Award at the Montclair Film Festival
  • Audience Award: Best Documentary at the Denver Women + Film Festival
  • Audience Award: Best Feature Film at the Houston Latino Film Festival
  • Audience Choice Award: Best Feature Documentary at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival
  • Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Award at the Nashville Film Festival