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[BAKERSFIELD, CA] TUESDAY, MARCH 31, 2020- Dolores Huerta Foundation celebrates Cesar Chavez day by asking people to stand with farm workers and advocate for their well being. They are among the most vulnerable populations in this devastating pandemic. DHF is asking people to write letters to the governor and contact their elected officials to remind them that farmworkers, regardless of immigration status, need immediate support to stay fed & housed. We can meet this moment & protect our most valuable and vulnerable members of society.

Dolores Huerta, President and Founder of the Dolores Huerta Foundation and Co-Founder of the United Farm Workers stated, “Today, we celebrate Cesar Chavez on what would have been his 93rd birthday by honoring the farmworkers who continue to work every single day to produce the food that nourishes us. Farmworkers cannot shelter at home during this pandemic. Farmworkers are part of our frontline defenders, an extremely necessary part of our society that we all depend upon to live and survive. Farmworkers need to be recognized and respected for their dedication and courage and be granted the resources to survive the pandemic like other workers in our country regardless of their immigration status.

Cesar brought that message to the world and demanded dignity and human rights for farmworkers. Let us continue Cesar’s journey and honor him by continuing his quest until all farmworker families, men, women and their children are treated equally with living wages, an equitable education and full representation. 

Cesar also respected and advocated for the protection of Mother Earth. Earth Day, which we started 50 years ago, was one of Cesar’s highest priorities. He was a leading spokesperson for protecting the environment, animals and nature. During this difficult time that we are living in, let’s remember Cesar, his vision, his work, his principals and the many sacrifices he made by joining his journey for justice.”

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