2021 Summer Weaving Movements Newsletter

2021 Summer Weaving Movements Newsletter

Please check out the latest issue of the Dolores Huerta Foundation’s Weaving Movements Newsletter to learn more about the important gains and accomplishments we made this year. Big thanks to all of our esteemed volunteers and generous donors who make this work possible!

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To read more about People Powered Maps, visit: https://doloreshuerta.org/2021-summer-wmnl-people-powered-maps/

To read more about Healthcare for All!, visit: https://doloreshuerta.org/2021-summer-wmnl-healthcare-for-all/

To read more about Donor Spotlight – Julie Greenfield, visit: https://doloreshuerta.org/2021-summer-wmnl-donor-spotlight-julie-greenfield/

To read more about Introducing LYFE, visit: https://doloreshuerta.org/2021-summer-wmnl-introducing-lyfe/

To read more about Solidarity is our Strength, visit: https://doloreshuerta.org/2021-summer-wmnl-solidarity-is-our-strength/

Letter from the President

As I reflect on the last year and a half, I’m filled with sadness for all that we have lost and at the same time with pride for all that the Dolores Huerta Foundation has been able to achieve through the support of people like you. Last year we saw images of police violence against the Black community – images that sadly are familiar  to the experience of so many. As we shared when the verdict was rendered in the Chauvin case, “Transformative solutions are rooted in true community power and the enactment of social, racial and economic justice policies. It will require civic engagement, advocacy, and accountability from our public officials to end systemic racism. ”When our communities face attacks, we stand by our core values ​​and remember that solidarity is our strength. 

Many people lost their jobs, our children lost the ability to learn in person, most painful of all,  many of us lost loved ones. Those losses can’t be recovered, but together we offer encouragement and comfort to one another. Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to distribute $250,000 in financial assistance to community members in need, expand meal access to school children and provide PPE to thousands of families. We continue to provide education and information about available vaccines. The effort against COVID continues and we ask that if you or someone you know needs assistance in finding a vaccination site or registering for an appointment, please call us at: 833-564-6393 or 661-383-2588.

Finally, I want to acknowledge all of you in a very special way. The Dolores Huerta Foundation exists to empower communities through your gracious continued support. This year brings new challenges and our work is not done yet. We are now working to ensure that districts fairly represent our communities. In this newsletter you will find information on how to support these efforts. Together, despite the pandemic, despite the losses and despite the challenges – we are still standing strong!

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