NOW HIRING: Door-to-door Canvassers in Kern, Antelope Valley, Sanger & Tulare

NOW HIRING: Door-to-door Canvassers in Kern, Antelope Valley, Sanger & Tulare

Dolores Huerta Foundation Background
Established in 2003, the DHF’s mission is to inspire and organize communities to establish volunteer organizations empowered to pursue social justice. DHF conducts movement-building at the intersection of race, class, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status to address the harmful and discriminatory practices and abuses faced by marginalized individuals and families in the San Joaquin Valley. The DHF uses a multi-pronged approach – grassroots organizing, advocacy, leadership development, and a public relations strategy to inform narrative change.

Door-to-door Canvassers: The Dolores Huerta Foundation seeks Door-to-door Canvassers to work as part of a seasonal campaign team engaging in door to door canvassing in Antelope Valley, Sanger & Fresno County Canvassers will target neighborhoods most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to provide information and resources as well as assist community members by conveniently scheduling online vaccination appointments for those who need them.


  • Basic tech skills, understanding how to navigate cellular apps and browse web, ability to read and use maps to follow directions
  • Must be prepared to work in all types of weather, ability to stand and walk for long periods of time, ability to lift up to 10 pounds
  • Punctuality, arrive to canvassing location on designated dates and times ready to canvas
  • Strong verbal communication skills as well as interpersonal communication skills
  • Maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude, Strong team player
  • Written and spoken proficiency in English
  • Bilingual English/Spanish (preferred)
  • Experience in community outreach and canvassing (preferred)
  • Reliable transportation (preferred)
  • Must reside in the respected regions you are applying for.


1. Complete this Screening Survey >

2. Send Resume and 3 References (names and phone numbers) to Kelley Herrera, HR Manager: Email subject: “[County/Region] Canvasser”

End the pandemic in your community now. Be part of the change!!

Unidos Contra COVID-19

Cualquier persona de 5 años o más puede recibir la vacuna COVID-19, independientemente de su seguro o estado migratorio. Registrarse para su vacuna COVID-19 para volver a hacer las cosas que amas con las personas que amas. Visite para obtener más información.

Covid-19 + Flu Vaccines Public Service Announcement

Covid-19 + Flu Vaccines Public Service Announcement

#Influenza & #COVID19 can be life threatening to people with preexisting consequences. According to WHO the new #Covid-19 #omicron variant is spreading faster than any previous strain. We care about the community which is why we encourage you to get #vaccinated against #COVID19 and #influenza this season. If you are a vulnerable group, please get educated, get informed, get #vaccinated. Find a #Vaccine near you at:

2021 Fall WMNL: DHF Youth Honor Dia de los Muertos and the LGBTQI+ Community

2021 Fall WMNL: DHF Youth Honor Dia de los Muertos and the LGBTQI+ Community

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This year DHF LYFE & Livin’ LYFE Youth Program members participated in Arte Americas Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead celebration in Fresno, California (with a limited showcase and COVID-19 safety precautions in place.) DHF Youth Organizers form their curriculum with a critical lens on history and intersectionality. Youth members  created an altar of hand painted frames to honor and feature the 49 individuals that were lost at Pulse Nightclub, in Orlando, Florida on June 12, 2016, in a mass shooting targeting the LGBTQI+ community. It was  named one of the deadliest incidents in the history of violence against queer people in the United States. Hate has no place in this world, we extend our hearts to the families affected and to the folks who continue to battle being themselves in today’s world.

The youth not only learned about the tragedy of that night, but the personal stories and the light these  individuals shined on the world  while they were with us. They joined the frames of couples that died that night together w/ a bracelet to signify their everlasting love. 

The youth want to educate their peers and uninformed adults that the LGBTQI+ community has a rich history and life stories of love, joy and courage. This ofrenda  provided the community with a piece that demonstrated  the passion, beauty, diversity, and the love in the lives of the 49 victims prior to the events at the Pulse Nightclub Latin Night. They wanted to show how many positive experiences of the LGBTQI+ Hispanic community are found through dance, poetry and creation of safe havens. 

MIS-C: Multisystemic Inflammation Syndrome in Children – One Family’s Story

MIS-C is affecting children and youth who have been around people with Coronavirus. MIS-C stands for Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children and it can affect the heart and arteries, causing permanent damage, or in some cases, death. This video can help you to spot the symptoms for MIS-C and learn what to do if your child is affected.

This video is a product of the United Against Covid Coalition, with support from the Ravi & Naina Patel Foundation. Featuring the work of Print Gonzalez, Together Pictures, Dawn Valadez and CB Smith-Dahl 

MIS-C está afectando a nuestros niños y jóvenes. MIS-C es Syndrome Multisystemica Inflammatorio de Niños. Puede afectar el corazón y los arterios, causar daño permanente o grave. Este video muestra los signos de MIS-C y que debes hacer si están afectados.

Este video es un producto de United Against Covid Coalition, con el apoyo de Ravi & Naina Fundación Patel. Presenta el trabajo de Print Gonzalez, Together Pictures, Dawn Valadez y CB Smith-Dahl

“Why I Mask” – Dolores Huerta Foundation PSA

“Why I Mask” – Dolores Huerta Foundation PSA

Wearing a mask is vital for your community. Communities of color are being disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. Protect yourself and your loved ones.

Usar una mascarilla es vital para su comunidad. Las comunidades de color están siendo afectadas de manera desproporcionada por COVID-19. Protéjase y proteja a sus familias.

#MaskUp #StopTheSpread #EndThePandemic #COVID19 #SocialDistance #WearAMask

FREE Community Based COVID-19 Testing

FREE Community Based COVID-19 Testing

Free #COVID19 testing is now available for all Valley residents! Visit: to register for an appointment TODAY!

Hours of Operation:

Sunday – Friday
8 am -11 am & 12 pm-2 pm


1126 South P Street, Gate 26
Bakersfield, CA 93307

An appointment is required to get tested. No walk-ups are allowed. This site is drive-thru only. All individuals are to remain in their cars, with windows up, during the entire test process.

Se requiere una cita para la prueba. No se permiten visitas sin cita previa. Este sitio es solo para pruebas de paso. Todas las personas deben permanecer en sus coches durante todo el proceso de prueba.

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