Dolores Huerta Foundation Team



Camila Chávez
Executive Director

Ms. Chávez is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Dolores Huerta Foundation (DHF). From the DHF headquarters in Bakersfield, Ms. Chávez oversees training for low-income community members in the areas of leadership and organizing skills specific to civic and electoral participation so that they can become catalysts for change in their own communities.
The ideals of non-violence, selfless motivation and personal responsibility were instilled in Camila by her parents Richard Chávez and Dolores Huerta. Camila grew up at the UFW Headquarters of La Paz where those same ideals were reinforced through the actions of people like her Uncle Cesar E. Chavez.

Under Camila’s leadership, the Dolores Huerta Foundation has accomplished some major victories including, but not limited to: the establishment of over 40 DHF grassroots community organizations in six communities in Kern and Tulare Counties which are working on neighborhood improvements and community projects, the development of a youth leadership program, a successful campaign for just wages which resulted in a wage increase for farm workers in Southern Central Valley in 2005, the Defeat of Propositions 73, 85 and 4 which would have amended the California Constitution to impede women’s reproductive rights, the defeat of an anti-immigrant resolution proposed in the Bakersfield City Council in September 2007, the establishment of the first micro-lending pilot project targeting farm workers in the Central Valley, and the implementation of a teen pregnancy prevention campaign.

Lori De Leon
Business Manager

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Greg Daisa
IT Director

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Pam Whalen
Organizing Director

Pam Whalen provides a life-time of experience in the field of organizing and civic engagement. She joined the United Farm Workers Union (UFW) after graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Latin American Studies and participated in the Gallo Strike and Boycott in 1973, and oversaw the Agricultural Labor Relations Board Elections in the Merced region. She went on to work for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) for 22 years where she organized over 10,000 home care workers. Pam is a founding member of the Community Alliance newspaper and the Central Valley Partnership.  Pam has a Master’s in Mass Communications from California State University in Fresno in 1983.


Timoteo Prado
Arvin Organizer (Kern)

Timoteo “Timo” Prado is a native of Nayarit, Mexico and currently lives in Weedpatch, CA. A father of 6 children, he is an organizer for the City of Arvin, CA. Timo was introduced to the Dolores Huerta Foundation during a Weedpatch house meeting. “When I met the Foundation” Timo comments, “I realized the needs of my community and began to organize.” Timo continues, “Especially after Camila (DHF Executive Director) entrusted responsibilities to me, I thought ‘oh wow! I cannot fail.’”

As a volunteer, Timo helped the community of Weedpatch attain the installation of public lights, drinking fountains filters in schools, fences around the schools, and a gym. Some of his other victories include the passing of measure “L” which provided the city with funds for safety and recreation, paving of streets, street lighting and park improvements. Furthermore, Timo has been able to improve relations between communities and public entities such as schools, city councils and the police.


Irlanda Ramirez
Lindsay Organizer (Tulare)

Irlanda Ramirez is a seasoned organizer with the Dolores Huerta Foundation, she is bilingual in English/Spanish. She is from Venezuela, where she was trained as a teacher. Irlanda previously worked with the Education Department in Venezuela for fourteen years, and has worked in schools as an elementary teacher. In the United States, Irlanda served as an organizer for the Parents Institute for Quality Education, and was also a PIQE parent. She has organized community members in both Lindsay and Woodlake since 2010 and 2013 respectively.  She has established education committees in Woodlake and Lindsay and has successfully coached them to achieve the Healthy Thursdays Program. She worked with Woodlake parents who successfully advocated for simultaneous translation at school board meetings as well translation of all written materials in Spanish. Irlanda is also received Train the Trainer training from Jane Alvarado-Banister on Sugary Sweetened Beverages and provided the training to 15 parents and youth.  Irlanda also graduated from the Sierra Health Foundation’s leadership program in 2016.


Lourdes “Lulu” Oliva
Fresno Organizer

Lourdes “Lulu” Oliva, is a community organizer in Fresno County with the Dolores Huerta Foundation. Lulu focuses her work on empowering Spanish speaking migrant agricultural workers and immigrants of Latin America. As the first in her family to graduate from college and as an immigrant from Guatemala, she uses her voice and personal experiences to communicate a positive message to many immigrant families and their children who have shared similar struggles.  “Lulu,” as she is known by her radio audience, is passionate about advocating for women, single parent families, and immigrants and their journey towards acculturation and success.

In addition to her organizing duties at DHF, she is an editor at the Community Alliance Newspaper, and for seventeen years, she has been a volunteer radio producer and DJ for Radio Bilingüe, the National Latino Public Radio Network.  

When not working, some of her favorite hobbies include poetry readings, live music concerts, dancing, and traveling to Colombia, but most importantly, she enjoys producing for her social media audiences. Lulu has a committed presence at almost all of Fresno’s cultural and social justice events and concerts.  Her contagious laughter can be heard from afar and she is never shy about being the first person to start the party by bringing out her dance moves.


Carol Watkins
California City Organizer

Carol Watkins is an Alabama native. The injustices in education, particularly those faced by young African-American students, have led Carol to the Dolores Huerta Foundation. She aims to fight for youth of color in schools who face unjustified suspension and expulsions. She organizes in California City, where young students of color face the highest rate of suspensions and expulsions in the State of California. Carol strongly believes in social justice and has a worldly perspective about things coming together in full circle.

Carol loves reading; her favorite book is The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein and is currently reading Maya Angelou’s The Heart of a Woman and I know Why the Caged Bird Sings. She also loves trees and believes they would be quite the storytellers, if only they could talk.




Cecilia Castro
Education Policy Director

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Yesenia “Jess” Contreras
Civic Engagement Coordinator

Yesenia “Jess” Contreras is a long-time resident of Arvin, California. Active in sports, she benefited from Title IV programs. She was one of a few girls on the Arvin High School Freshman Football Team. She was a founding member of LINK Crew, which mentored incoming freshmen. After graduating high school, she coached Arvin Little League Baseball for two years.

She became active in Civic Engagement as a canvasser for The California Vote Project, which registered over 12,000 voters in the Kern County area. She went on to work on various election campaigns, including Leticia Perez, for Kern County Supervisor, Rudy Salas for State Assembly, and Willie Rivera for City Council.

She began working with the DHF as a canvasser for Yes on Proposition 30 in 2012. She continued on as a volunteer, and was soon hired as a Team Lead to run the Obamacare outreach campaign. Her team pre-enrolled over 200 people into Obamacare.

In May of 2014, she joined the DHF team as a full time Community Organizer. In October 2014, she ran the campaign for Yes on Prop 47, the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act. Her team contacted 9,433 voters and identified 5,844 in support of Prop 47. They recruited 107 volunteers to walk precincts in South Kern and Bakersfield on Election Day.


Eliana Honeycutt
Civic Engagement Coordinator

Eliana Honeycutt recently joined the DHF as a full-time Civic Engagement Coordinator. She is a Fresno native and has an array of experience in campaigns as a field manager for several healthcare initiatives, an organizer for President Obama’s re-election campaign, a union organizer for the National Union of Healthcare Workers, and organizer for Amanda Renteria for Congress. Before joining the DHF, she was involved in a multi-state campaign for Senator Bernie Sanders and was a Campus Organizing Director for the NextGen Climate. Eliana is an experienced organizer with a concentrated skill in voter data software maximizing her knowledge and experience in voter outreach. Eliana represents DHF on the statewide Power California coalition.




Yesenia Ocampo
Youth and Family Civic Engagement Director

Yesenia became an intern with the Dolores Huerta Foundation in 2006 after learning about Mrs. Huerta’s leadership role in the farm worker’s movement, and has continued her involvement with the foundation ever since. From a young age, Yesenia was drawn to both social justice and health fields. Coming from a family of farm-workers, Yesenia learned first-hand the health disparities and social injustices in low-income communities. While in college, she explored her interests and career options in many settings, including the Children’s Hospital Oakland. Yesenia Ocampo received her B.A. in Sociology from UC Berkeley and nursing pre-requisites and upon graduation has worked in different social service and health-care settings in the Central Valley and the San Francisco Bay area. Her previous work as a Youth Health Services Manager fueled a passion to tie her interest in public health with her passion for social justice. She is proud of returning to her community and hopes to make a positive impact through her work.


Gabriela “Gaby” Fernandez
Youth and Family Civic Engagement Associate

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Valerie Sanchez
Youth and Family Civic Engagement Associate

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Rebecca Castro
Youth and Family Civic Engagement Associate

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Elisabeth Pulido
Youth and Family Civic Engagement Associate

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Johnny Yang
Youth and Family Civic Engagement Associate

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Sophia Garcia
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst

Sophia’s experience with GIS began at Wellesley College, where she is recognized as being among the first students to utilize GIS in an academic setting. Since then she has further enhanced her experience with GIS in various industries including agriculture, transportation planning, public works, and academia. Agencies she’s worked for include the Kern Council of Governments (KERN COG), Kern County Department of Agriculture and Measurement Standards, and the Kern County Department of Public Works. Each industry has allowed her to see the reach that GIS has across diverse industries.

Sophia is currently the Vice President of the Central California Chapter of Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) and was awarded 3rd place in the collegian student category at the 2016 Environmental Systems Research Institute User Conference (ESRI UC) for her map highlighting student protests across the country in support of University of Missouri student’s #ConcernedStudent1950. Sophia has a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Wellesley College and was in the inaugural graduating class of the GIS certificate at California State University Bakersfield.



Juanita “Juana” Chávez
Development Coordinator

Juanita served as a board member of the DHF since its inception in 2003. Daughter of civil rights activist, Dolores Huerta, and niece of labor rights leader, Cesar Chavez, she was raised a “movement child.” Her first steps were on picket lines and marches in support of the United Farm Workers. She is an alumni of San Francisco State University. While there, she served as a mentor for “at-risk” youth as part of the Real Alternatives Program. She worked in collaboration with the Chicano Moratorium to provide guidance and secure support and resources for Bay Area youth who successfully organized to demand increased funding for education and ethnic studies. She took a year off to intern at the Feminist Majority. Upon graduation, she earned a teaching credential and taught at Mission High School in San Francisco where she co-founded and served as staff advisor for the first Gay Straight Alliance. She also taught in inner-city public schools in Los Angeles for a little over a decade where she served as UTLA chapter chair for several years.

Amaranta Campos
Executive Assistant to the President

Amaranta Campos grew up and attended elementary school in Lamont, California. She graduated from Arvin High School and is currently enrolled at Bakersfield College. At a young age she got involved with the Dolores Huerta Foundation. Noticing all the positive changes her parents were able to achieve in their community,  inspired and encouraged her to begin volunteering in the communities of Arvin and Lamont. She participated in several  projects with the Dolores Huerta Foundation Vecinos Unidos. She helped with the campaign to pass Measure C. This enabled the school district to build a gymnasium and add fencing around the schools in Weedpatch, California. She helped pass Measure L, in Arvin, which provided the city with funds for safety and recreation such as: paving of streets, street lights, and park improvements. In 2012, she begin working with the DHF as a canvasser on statewide campaigns. She worked to pass of Proposition 30 and informed community members about new healthcare coverage options under Obamacare. She is now on the staff of the Dolores Huerta Foundation and hopes to continue to improve the community for generations to come.


Paul Kelley
Development Associate

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Luis Sanchez
Communications and Grants Coordinator

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