In triple digit heat in mid-June, the Sanger and Parlier Vecinos Unidos distributed over 200 boxes of food to families in need. They are addressing a food insecurity situation afflicting the Central Valley’s most vulnerable communities as a direct result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Vecinos Unidos also assisted over 40 families in self reporting for the 2020 Census, on site. They distributed information encouraging the other families receiving food to get counted.

Over all DHF Vecinos Unidos have distributed over 23,000 pounds of food in Lindsay, Raisin City, Carruthers, Parlier, Lake LA, Lamont, Arvin and Bakersfield. Boxes contain essential food items and basic staples including canned goods, potatoes, tuna, chicken, milk, beans green beans and soups.

In addition, Vecinos Unidos have assisted more than 300 families in completing the 2020 Census and have educated many others on the importance of getting every member of their families and communities counted.

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