Equality Program

The Dolores Huerta Foundation launched its Equality Program in January of 2016. Equality organizers work to create healthy, accepting, supportive communities for our Latino lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth, family members, and friends. They are connecting LGBT community members to build a base of volunteers working to create safer school climates and advocate for the needs of LGBT young people.

They are working with youth to create bilingual public awareness campaigns sending the message of love and acceptance. They are building connections across gender identities and sexual orientations to truly show that, “Famila es famila.” 

Safer School Climate

The Dolores Huerta Foundation Equality Team is bringing middle and high school students together in Kern County to form a coalition to promote acceptance, to fight against bullying, and to advocate for LGBT inclusive policies on school campuses. They are implementing the California Healthy Schools survey to assess the needs of LGBT middle and high school students and identify gaps of services for LGBT students. In addition they are developing leadership skills in students so they can attend school board meetings and advocate for the expansion and protection of LGBT students rights in schools..

LGBT Equality Coalition

The Dolores Huerta Foundation Equality Program partners with community organizations and community members throughout Kern County and California, including CRLA’s LGBT Program. The coalition advances and protects the rights of the LGBT community while promoting inclusion and their well being.

Public Awareness and Education

The Dolores Huerta Foundation Equality Team has initiated a youth-led bilingual public awareness campaign to promote family acceptance, safer school climate, and come together to discuss strategies and solutions for improving issues negatively affecting LGBT youth. In addition, they have created public education workshops and trainings to inform allies and the community at large in Kern County about LGBT identity, rights, and culture.

*Youth Summit*

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