Dolores Huerta Foundation Background
Established in 2003, the DHF’s mission is to inspire and organize communities to establish volunteer
organizations empowered to pursue social justice. DHF conducts movement-building at the intersection
of race, class, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status to address the harmful and discriminatory
practices and abuses faced by marginalized individuals and families in the San Joaquin Valley. The DHF
uses a multi-pronged approach – grassroots organizing, advocacy, leadership development, and a public
relations strategy to inform narrative change.

The Role of the Youth Peer Lead (Part-time)
The Youth Peer Lead will work with the DHF Youth team to increase access to training around advocacy,
healing, and technology for Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC), Latinx and LGBTQ2+ youth.
Youth Peer leads will be trained in a peer-to-peer model focusing on one of the following pathways:
civic engagement/advocacy, cultural arts and healing, or technology.

● Candidate must be current DHF Youth Leader
● Demonstrated commitment to social justice, community and youth empowerment
● Coaching experience is a plus
● Demonstrated passion and interest in the well-being of youth and commitment to social justice
and community organizing

● Must be available to work 12-20 hours a week and have ability to work evenings, weekends and
school breaks (spring, summer, winter)
● Driver’s license, auto and automobile insurance is a plus
● Pass background check

Please send your resume, three professional references and cover letter detailing your interest and
qualifications for the position, via email to subject line: “[COUNTY YOU ARE APPLYING IN]: Youth Peer Lead”

The Dolores Huerta Foundation is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

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