KNOW YOUR VOTING RIGHTS!!! We’ve gotten word that some people in Kern County were told they couldn’t vote if they didn’t have a valid state issued form of identification…NOT TRUE!

Know your voting rights!

Every citizen has a right to vote, and there are no conditions under which anyone should be turned away from the polls without the opportunity to cast a ballot. If poll workers are unable to determine your eligibility on the spot, the last resort is to cast a provisional ballot, which the elections office will then vet to establish eligibility.

Election law is complex. Poll workers are human beings and are liable to make mistakes regarding protocol on when they can ask for ID.

Here are some guidelines as to when you may be asked for ID:
If you have voted before, then you can cast a ballot without showing ID. (Ca. Secretary of State Regulation 2 CCR Sec. 20108.38)

If it is your first time voting and you registered to vote by mail or online without providing ID at that time, you’ll need to show one of the many kinds of ID listed below.

If you do not have an ID, you can vote provisionally. (Cal. Elec. Code Sec. 14310)

Acceptable forms of ID include the following current and valid photo ID cards:

• Driver’s license or ID card of any state
• Passport
• Employee ID card
• Credit or debit card
• Military ID card
• Student ID card
• Health club ID card
• Public housing ID card

Voters can also use any of the following documents that include their name and address as long as it is dated after Noc 4, 2014 per California Secretary of State Regulation @ CCR 20107:

• Utility bill
• Bank statement
• Check or paycheck from the government
• Vehicle registration
• Document from government agency
• Sample ballot or other official elections document
• Student ID card or tuition statement or bill issued by a governmental agency
• Insurance plan card or drug discount card issued by a governmental agency
• Government documents issued in connection with the resolution of a criminal case, indictment, or sentence
• Senior citizen and disabled discount cards issued by a governmental agency
• ID documents issued by governmental disability agencies
• ID documents issued by government homeless shelters and other temporary or transitional facilities

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