Jamila Guerrero-Cantor, MA, NCC was raised in Los Angeles, CA where she currently works as a School Counselor for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students at Marlton School and Cerritos College.  She became a young activist at Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden’s political/performing arts camp Laurel Springs in Santa Barbara, CA.

Through her high school years she learned about organizing with the Los Angeles Student Coalition – often protesting apartheid on the steps of the South African Consulate in Beverly Hills.  Later, her passion for music and social justice merged together to form a band, “Wozani” (a call for the people to come in Zulu), that toured through out the U.S.  She graduated with a B.A. in Community Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz, doing her fieldwork within the organizing efforts of the United Farm Workers – and then joined on as an Organizer and National Coordinator.

She is a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and graduated with a M.A. in School Counseling and Guidance from Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. -the first and only university for the Deaf in the world.

She did her Counseling practicum with Deaf youth in the coastal region of Oaxaca, Mexico enabling her to learn about the complexities of their reality as well as Mexican Sign Language.  She is a member of the California Mental Health Services Act Multi-Cultural Coalition and the National Counselors for the Deaf Association.  As a Board Member for the Dolores Huerta Foundation she is committed to supporting the work of social justice – the legacy of Dolores Huerta.