Join us in this FUN event & bring your bicycle and ride in the Wildflower Festival parade!!!!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

9:30 am

Corner of Tucker and Meyer at the Wild Flower Festival Parade in Arvin, CA

Have fun with movement and music, as well as help raise awareness about bicycle infrastructure needs in the city of Arvin. Participants should bring a bike and a helmet. If someone would like to participate, but is unable to bike, they can walk with the group.

Cultiva La Salud works to address health equity issues through efforts aimed at changing policies, systems and environments that increase access to healthy foods/beverages and create great opportunities for physical activity

Cultiva La Salud is among a growing number of programs in the nation who use a policy and environmental change approach to help community members gain access to healthy food/beverages and safe spaces to be physically active. At the core of Cultiva La Salud’s work is a dedication to investing in community leadership development in which local residents gain the critical skills and tools to take on leadership roles and help to create healthier communities.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Martinez, Health Policy Organizer, (661) 322-3033 ext. 1505




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