Join us for a virtual screening of DOLORES – the movie, 2/24 at 6 pm which chronicles the impactful work of labor leader & civil rights activist @DoloresHuerta. A panel discussion will follow about the themes of Huerta’s work.

Panelists include:
🔘Juanita Chavez of @DoloresHuertaFD
🔘Antoinette Angulo of Latino Center for Health @LatinxHealth @uwsocialwork
🔘Maria Blancas of @UWEnvironment @UW_SEFS @PNASHCenter @UWDEOHS
🔘BJ Cummings of @UW_SRP @UWDEOHS
🔘Michelle Habell-Pallan of @UWGWSS @UWCCDE


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