11091216_10206595097741337_3812114485627073499_n 2 10989241_10206595097541332_738937338224021726_nOn Sunday, March 29th, Dolores Huerta joined the community of Napa Valley for Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta Day. The celebration of Latino History was dedicated to honoring farm workers. The festival included mariachis, ballet folklorico, food vendors, wine tasting, and the unveiling of a monument to Chavez and Huerta. This is a significant location, as Napa Valley is an area famous for it’s vineyards and wineries. Latinos comprise more than a third of the population of this community and many are farm workers.

In a ceremony attended by city officials and a crowd of over 500, Dolores spoke pushing those gathered to work for immigration reform and to get out and vote. Then, two bronze life-size statues of Huerta and Chavez were revealed. They were created by Artist Mario Chiodo in recognition of the pair’s work organizing farm workers and bringing social justice to the fields of California. The artist said, “I’ve worked with monuments big and small, but this one had an enormous personal meaning to me. I’ve tried to show something of their strength and courage, something they were always nonviolent about.

About the recognition, Dolores said, “This is a historic occasion and a tremendous honor. I receive this recognition humbly, on behalf all the farm workers who sacrificed to build the United Farm Workers, the first viable farm worker union, and on behalf of those who marched with us make the fields a more humane, fair, and just workplace, and especially on behalf of those who continue to do the sacred back breaking work of toiling with their hands, beneath the sun, to feed our nation.”

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