Dolores and the staff of the DHF gathered in San Diego on Wednesday, July 22nd, joining workers, community groups, faith leaders and progressives in a mass protest to tell ALEC: NOT HERE, NOT EVER!

The goal of ALEC’s annual conference is to put corporate special interests and right-wing legislators together to plot how to further undermine workers’ rights, environmental protections and basic fairness. Corporate lobbyists and multi-millionaires have a chance to wine and dine these politicians, promise them fat contributions and a taste of the good life in exchange for supporting bills that keep paychecks low, corporate welfare high and restrict the rights of their political enemies.

ALEC is the most powerful, well-funded corporate special interest front group in America. The mission of American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is simple: shower the 1% with special privileges and advantages at the expense of everyone else. ALEC’s agenda is an affront to progress. It’s an affront to basic rights. It’s an affront to democracy.

They came to San Diego because they want to establish a foothold right here in California. It’s time we stand together to tell ALEC “HELL NO!”

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