DHF with Anthony Thigpenn

DHF Staff and Volunteers with Anthony Thigpenn, a Los Angeles-based community organizer who heads California Calls, a powerful alliance of 31 organizations in 12 counties around the state working to achieve progressive, long-term tax and fiscal policy reform by engaging underrepresented, low-income voters in state public policy decision-making.

DHF Staff and Volunteers joined more than 200 people who stood up to Make It Fair at the kickoff of the campaign on Thursday morning. Leaders from the small business, education and faith communities stood together on stage and made the case for fairness. The fight begins!

Civic Engagement Coordinator, Jess Contreras, said, “The time is now to make it fair. We’ve made the corporations rich. It’s time for them to give back and invest in our communities.”

The event marked the historic launch of Make It Fair California – a diverse coalition of advocates dedicated to closing CA’s commercial property tax loopholes — by assessing commercial and industrial property at fair market value — so California can continue to invest in strengthening schools & important local priorities.

Do you think our community needs better schools, safer parks, cleaner streets and more opportunities for everyone to get ahead? So do we. That’s why we’re standing up to big corporations and telling them it’s time they pay their fair share. Stand with us. Take the pledge to Make It Fair.



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