On March 4, 2017, the Dolores Huerta Foundation was a co-organizer with other agencies working for LGBTQ youth for the 2nd Annual LGBTQ Youth Summit held at California State University Bakersfield. Teens 4 Equality leaders participated in the planning of the youth summit by outlining the topics that they would like to learn more about and that would benefit their peers. Over Sixty middle and high school students attended workshops about topics such as educational rights for LGBTQ students, family acceptance, LGBTQ history, mental health, healthy relationships and much more.

Teen leaders Nena, Paola, Chyna and Emily presented a workshop for youth and adult participants about LGBTQ identities, terminology, the different parts of identity, and how LGBTQ and allied youth can become more engaged with the community through the Dolores Huerta Foundation’s Teens 4 Equality program.

“Presenting at the Youth Summit gave me an opportunity to talk about what I felt was important. As well as allowing me to talk with other people my age who have some of the same values as me” Youth Leader Chyna Patz

Additionally, the youth summit included a drag show with local drag queens after the workshop programming had concluded.

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