From The Monitor: “She inspires and empowers. No matter the age or the gender a true leader inspires through their actions and their words. La lucha sigue and “at age 87, Dolores Huerta continues to stand at the forefront of the fight for human rights with the same ganas and stamina of the fearless 32-year-old woman who formed the first farm workers union with Cesar Chavez in 1962…”

“Do you know that the voter registration laws in Texas are the same as the ones we fought to change in California in 1953?” Dolores said in her unmistakable stern voice.

“All that a person has is his or her story… and when you are trying to deny them their story, you are taking away their power.” she added, repeating a line she said during an interview in the late 1970s that comes out toward the end of the 98-minute film.

”We can’t rely on the media we need to make sure we get our stories Into the textbooks,” she added in her unmistakable stern voice. “We need to push for ethnic and Chicano studies in our schools.”

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