Jane Fonda’s 11th consecutive “Fire Drill Friday” focused on climate change’s impact on health


MEDIA CONTACT: Damairis Lao | dlao@doloreshuerta.org

[WASHINGTON, D.C.] December 20, 2019– 

“I am honored to join Jane Fonda on the eve of her 82nd birthday, Gloria Steinem and over 100 people today at the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington DC to protest the climate crisis. Not enough people are taking the climate crisis seriously.

We are gradually ruining our planet, our existence is at stake. Air pollution affects all of us. It affects our food supply. People need to realize that our lives and the health of our children are affected.

I’m from Bakersfield in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Sixty percent of our nation’s food supply comes from the San Joaquin Valley of California, an area experiencing the worst air quality in the nation. We owe something to the farm workers that are working and living in the worst climate in the country as they work so hard to feed our country and the world.

We must engage our decision makers to take action. The best action we can take is to meet with local politicians, state representatives, and congressional representatives to pass a Green New Deal, to provide public transportation, to demand an end to fracking, to protect our water supply, and to transition from gas to clean energy.

We have to get involved to stop environmental injustice and work together for environmental justice. We have the power to protect ourselves, future generations, and our humanity.”

¡Si Se Puede!

Dolores Huerta

President, Dolores Huerta Foundation

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