Today the Kern High School District Board officially announced that a new superintendent has been chosen through a limited internal search within the district, despite public pressure from community stakeholders urging an open search.

Join us tonight to voice your concerns over the KHSD Board’s refusal to consider the requests of it’s constituents: parents and Kern County community members.

When: Monday, March 3, 2014 at 6:30 pm
Where: KHSD Board Meeting, 5801 Sundale Ave., Bakersfield, CA 93309

The KHSD continues to face challenges in regards to discipline and lack of ethnic and cultural representation in leadership and staff compared to the demographics of the students within the district. The community believes there is a strong impetus to change the status quo and bring in a superintendent with a new perspective and fresh leadership ideas.

“We are extremely disappointed but not surprised about the decision of the Kern High School District Board to promote the new Superintendent from within the ranks of KHSD.  They refuse to respect the wishes of the community.  We are subject to the decisions of an old boys network,” Dolores Huerta Foundation President, Dolores Huerta.


In January 2014, Kern High School District (KHSD) Superintendent Donald E. Carter announced he is retiring, as of August 2014. The Kern High School District Board of Trustees announced they only plan to conduct an internal search. While we acknowledge that there may be competent candidates currently serving KHSD, we believe our community will benefit from the widest possible search for the most forward thinking and highly skilled candidate. We need a superintendent with substantial experience and the qualities necessary to tackle the issues and challenges facing the district at this juncture.

We, invite the community members of Kern County to sign a petition urging the KHSD Board of Trustees to conduct an open nationwide search for the new superintendent of the Kern High School District, rather than limiting this to an internal search.

Click here to sign the petition.

Click here to download a printable English version of the petition.

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