Dolores Huerta Foundation is part of a statewide coalition pushing the California State Board of Education (CSBE) to include suspension rates as a key indicator of school climate in the evaluation rubrics of the Local Control Funding Formula.





How you can help?

  1. Collect 10 e-postcards from your family members, friends, and allies – We are going for quality over quantity by asking people to add comments to their e-postcard.
  1. Get 2 school leaders to sign an e-postcard– The CSBE needs to know that principals, school board members, union leaders and administrators support our demand.
  1. There is going to be a hearing on May 11th. If you know parents or students that would like to come and provide testimony to the CSBE, please let us know as soon as possible to arrange the logistics necessary.

Below are comment examples provided by Youth from Californians for Justice

  • Students know that school climate is a way to close the achievement gap. We can’t learn or graduate if we are getting suspended. A focus on school climate needs to be a KEY part of our accountability system.
  • Choosing suspensions is choosing Equity. We’re counting on you to make a good choice!
  • At least 2-3 times a week I see my peers being pulled out or sent out of class. This is discouraging and sets up a negative environment. Sometimes it feels like teachers (school staff) really care but when this happens I feel like they really aren’t here to support us. It shouldn’t be like that, we all deserve a chance to be believed in and supported.
  • Please ensure low-income students like me <my son/daughter> don’t get left behind in school by making School Climate and Engagement a priority.
  • I <My son/daughter> would not be succeeding in school right now if my teachers and my school didn’t prioritize indicators of school climate. In middle school I started ditching school and getting suspended. But that changed because the staff at my school prioritized school climate and prioritized me. Now I’m an honor student.
  • The need and want for a better School Climate is universal. It isn’t limited to only high-needs students, it’s something that all students need regardless of our background.


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