DHF in Action: New Vecinos Chapter in Sanger, CA 8/10/17

On August 10, ninety community members gathered at the Sanger Community Center to form the newest chapter of the Vecinos  Unidos (Neighbors United.)

The community meeting in Sanger was the result of a campaign of 20 house meetings. DHF Organizer Stephanie Canales met with small groups of friends and neighbors to discuss issues of concern in Sanger.

Executive Director, Camila Chavez and President Dolores Huerta, gave a presentation demonstrating how through these local groups DHF has been able to mobilize community members in low-income neighborhoods to transform their communities by winning huge policy and electoral victories in the areas of infrastructure, education, healthcare, and civic engagement.

Among the improvements that the group plans to work on are creating more social and cultural activities, expanding employment opportunities, and increasing services such as drug rehab and mental health services.

Long -time community activist Willie Lopez attended the event and seemed hopeful. He commented, “The meeting was very successful. Now we need to move quickly to take action on the issues that we have identified”.

The newly formed education and civic engagement committees are already actively engaging the Sanger City Council and Sanger School District to pursue their collective priorities.

DH Op-Ed in the News: ‘Stop Texas-style immigrant crackdowns. Make California a Sanctuary State’ 7/13/2017

DH Op-Ed in the News: ‘Stop Texas-style immigrant crackdowns. Make California a Sanctuary State’ 7/13/2017

California Values Act or better known as the “sanctuary state” bill, SB 54 would keep our people safe and decrease the fear and vulnerability they face when out in the community. A “common sense law” that protects and helps “our schools, hospitals, courthouses and libraries be safe spaces for our community members despite birthplace, background or appearance,” is what we are fighting for in 2017.

“We must take a clear stand for our deepest values: All people are created equal and deserve due process.

Anything less is giving in to Trumpism.”

Read the full article here: http://www.sacbee.com/opinion/california-forum/article161083894.html


DHF in Action: Bakersfield City School District LCAP Public Hearing Session, Tue. 6/13/17

DHF in Action: Bakersfield City School District LCAP Public Hearing Session, Tue. 6/13/17

Community Organizer Gaby Fernandez and Education Policy Director Gerald Cantu Ph.D., joined parents at the Bakersfield City Schools District (BCSD) at the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) hearing on June 13, 2017.

The LCAP is a critical part in children’s education where parents have the opportunity to engage in the decisions that impact their children and schools. Each school district must create a plan that describes the school districts annual goals for the students and include the actions that will be needed in order to achieve these goals. However, this must be done with the parents, community, educators, and employees. The LCAP also includes the districts budget and how it will be dispersed to each goal in order to achieve it.

Parents from Emerson Middle School, Stella Hills Elementary School, and McKinley Elementary were able to speak in front of board members and propose recommendations for their child’s schools. Gaby was able to inform the board members that DHF has a toolkit both in spanish and english that helps to educate parents on how to read and analyze the LCAP along with making recommendations. DHF was able to suggest a future partnership with BCSD in order to educate parents more on this very important and critical part of their child’s education that allows them to have a voice.

After hearing Gaby and parents speak, Harry “Doc” Ervin, BCSD Superintendent, responded very positively which has resulted in a meeting with DHF and BCSD next month in August! Doc Ervin spoke during Gabys presentation stating that they were “always looking for ways to improve and that if DHF had any methods or ideas they were good with that and was interested in a partnership to expand the amount of parents involved.”

DHF in Action: Community Organizer Advocates for “SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL” At GUSD Board Meeting Wed. 06/14/17

DHF in Action: Community Organizer Advocates for “SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL” At GUSD Board Meeting Wed. 06/14/17


DHF in Action: On Wednesday June 14, 2017 Zobeida Sosa, Community Organizer attended the Greenfield Union School District board meeting to implement “safe routes to school” program by hiring more crossing guards funded by LCAP. Sabrina Villareal a parent gave a testimony about the issue by stating to the board that:

[as a parent at Fairview Elementary I would like to suggest a program like Safe Routes to School be implemented into a policy. I think this will be beneficial to our schools by teach students how to travel safely to and from school. I feel this is important to do because of all the cureent attempted child abductions that have been going on in Bakersfield.]

Zobeida followed Sabrinas statement with informing the board on how Cultiva La Salud has a tool kit that can help teach parent show to start a walking school bus that can benefit the safety of the students as well as getting parents more involved with the schools and districts. The Superintendent of the GFUSD praised our comments and asked to be contacted on a later date to further discuss the Walking School Bus program with DHF.


DHF en Accion: Zobeida Sosa, Organizadora de la comunidad, atendió la junta de la mesa directiva del distrito escolar de la Unión Greenfield para implementar un programa de “rutas seguras a la escuela.” Este programa funcionaria contratando más guardias de cruceros financiados por el LCAP. Sabrina Villarreal una madre dio su testimonio del programa y el problema que enfrenta nuestra ciudad enfrente de la mesa directiva:

“Como madre en la Primaria Fairview me gustaría sugerir que el programa de Rutas Seguras a la Escuela fuera implementado en una póliza. Yo creo que esto sería beneficioso para nuestras escuelas y para enseñarles a los estudiantes como transportarse sin peligro hacia y de la escuela. Yo creo que esto es importante de hacer por todo los intentos de secuestros de niños que a habido en Bakersfield.”

Después del testimonio de Sabrina Villarreal, Zobeida le informó a la mesa directiva acerca se Cultiva La salud y como tiene las herramientas para educar a los padres cómo pueden empezar un autobús escolar de caminar que beneficie la seguridad de los estudiantes al igual que involucre más a los padres en las escuelas y en el distrito. El Superintendente del Distrito Escolar de la Unión Greenfield alabo nuestros comentarios y preguntó si podría juntarse con la Fundación Dolores Huerta para discutir un posible programa acerca del Autobús Escolar de Caminata.